Ring Size

Finding the right ring size is not that difficult if you know how to do it. Our ring sizes are US/International sizes. Please take a look at the table below to determine your ring size and see how it compares to European ring sizes.

Size 16| EU 51 | 16,51 mm

Size 17 | EU 55 | 17,32 mm

Size 18 | EU 57 | 18,14 mm

Size 19 | EU 59 | 18,95 mm

Material | Jewelry care


Gold plated


18k gold plating is very durable and long-lasting. Ideal for pieces of jewelry that you want to wear every day.

18k gold plating has a gold content of 750 parts. The number 750 stands for the fineness of a gold alloy (750 out of 1000 parts).

The higher the number or proportion, the more gold is contained in the alloy.

Will my piece of jewelry tarnish with 18k gold plating?

No! Gold plating does not oxidize and can withstand contact with water without damage. Alone with chlorinated water or e.g. When cleaning with chemicals and cleaning agents, it is better to take off your piece of jewelry. Chlorine or other chemicals can “discolor” your jewelry. If your gold-plated piece of jewelry loses a little of its shine, you can follow a few cleaning tips:

How do I care for my gold-plated piece of jewelry?

You can clean your piece of jewelry with warm water and mild soap and carefully pat dry. Please do not use aggressive agents as they can attack the gold plating!
You can also use a soft cloth to clean your piece of jewelry every now and then.

316L Stainless Steel

316L stainless steel is very robust, does not rust and therefore does not tarnish. If your piece of jewelry does look a little dull, simply take a soft cloth and carefully polish over the dull areas. You can also safely use warm water for cleaning. Just make sure to carefully pat your jewelry dry.

Our tips to ensure that your jewelry stays beautiful for a long time:

  • Put your jewelry on as a final step after styling to prevent contact with cosmetics (they can attack the gold plating).
  • Take off your jewelry before going to sleep to avoid unnecessary abrasion.
  • Since chlorine and salt water can be harmful to your jewelry, we recommend taking off your jewelry before swimming in the sea.
  • Sweat is not a friend of jewelry as it attacks the material. Because of the risk of injury, you should take off your jewelry before exercising.
  • You can clean your jewelry carefully with soft materials or a little lukewarm water.
  • After cleaning with water, please dry your jewelry carefully and well.